External Expert for the development of Feasibility Study for free transport services targeting Roma people and other vulnerable groups in Međimurje County

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  • Témoigner : nous ne restons pas silencieux. Grâce à notre expérience et notre présence sur le terrain, nous interpellons les pouvoirs (locaux, régionaux et (inter)nationaux) avec des faits, des chiffres et des réalités.

Nos projets suivent une série de valeurs communes à toute notre organisation : Justice sociale, Empowerment, Indépendance, Engagement, Equilibre.

Le essentiel

Position information

Post title: Consultant – External Expert


Project: PRO Health for Roma

Duration of the position: 24 working days within the period of 10 months (Jan 2020 to Oct 2020)

Location: City of Zagreb and Međimurje County, Croatia


Background Information

Medecins du Monde Belgique, through its office in Croatia and in cooperation with 7 partners from Croatia and Serbia, is implementing the project „PRO Health for Roma“ (hereinafter: the Project) in the two target areas: Međimurje County (Croatia) and Sremska Mitrovica (Serbia).

The Project is financed by the European Commission Directorate General Justice and Consumers.

The overall aim is to support Roma communities in their efforts to integrate into society and maintain dignity. The specific aim is to enhance Roma people’s access to healthcare services in the target areas. These regions have high concentrations of Roma people (cca. 15000 persons) living in impoverished conditions due to their remote location from major centres, lack of access to public services, discrimination and stereotypes.

Direct beneficiaries are:

  • 1400 Roma people taking part in preventive workshops/ individual consultations,
  • 50 healthcare professionals,
  • 6 Roma community workers,
  • 10 CSO representatives and 40 representatives of local/regional government.

The foreseen results are i) Roma people understand their rights, how healthcare systems functions and how to access specific, services; ii) Improved capacities among health care providers to provide Roma communities and vulnerable groups access to medical facilities and services in a respectful and non-discriminatory manner; and iii) Developed frameworks for the social inclusion of Roma people in the wider community with the  emphasis on healthcare.


It has been identified in Međimurje County, that Roma people and other vulnerable groups, including the elderly and persons with disabilities, in remote areas lack physical access to (healthcare) public facilities. Many communities are not regularly served by public transport and residents lack personal transport. Since most Roma people are receiving social contributions from the Croatian government, they do not have the right to own a car. Due to these circumstances, residents cannot easily access healthcare facilities. Similar situations and circumstances exist in other regions as well. In order to address these situations, the Project will investigate the possiblity of developing transport services in line with the needs of Roma persons and other vulnerable groups; thus, addressing lack of physical access to healthcare.

Principales taches et responsabilités

Description of Responsibilities and Outputs

The consultant – external expert will work jointly with the Project team and the local authorities, Roma representatives, local institutions and CSOs to conduct the pilot action for developing services to prevent discrimination and enhance access to public health care for Roma and vulnerable groups.

She/He will be expected to perform the following tasks:

  • Develop an Initial concept document for free transport services targeting Roma people and other vulnerable groups in Međimurje County - The initial document will target public healthcare authorities and persons working in the NGO sector that deal directly with Roma persons to gain access to public services. The document will contain  procedures for the use

of the transport services. The document will be in English, 5 pages in total.

  • Facilitate 3 preparatory  workshops  - While developing the initial concept document, the preparation meetings will be organized in Međimurje County to determine the needs of specific stakeholders (Roma persons, civil society, local government, healthcare professionals, etc.), elaborate on and adjust the concept of the transport services accordingly.
  • Develop Feasibility study for free transport services targeting Roma people and other vulnerable groups in Međimurje County - Based on the data collected during the fieldwork of project field teams, the inputs and feedback collected from preparation meetings, and the developed initial concept, a consultant/external expert will develop feasibility study on proposed transport services for Roma communities (and other vulnerable groups). He/she will conduct a follow-up with the stakeholders (from preparatory meetings), examine financial aspects and revise the proposed concept based on analysis. In the feasibility study, it will be defined how and when the transport service can be dispatched to Roma communities; how Roma people can access these services; and how they will be financed and maintained over the long-term. Within this document, the technical specifications of the vehicles to be used for the free transport service will be further defined and revised.
  • Facilitate the meetings to present the findings of the feasibility study to public authorities and other stakeholders - In order to sustain the feasibility study and ensure that the concept is implemented in Croatia, it is crucial to obtain the support of policymakers, civil society, and public servants in the public healthcare services. After the feasibility study is completed, meetings with Croatian policymakers and other key stakeholders will be held in order to present the socio-economic benefits and the financial aspects of the proposed transport services. The findings will also be presented at the project closing event – the transnational roundtable - in September 2020 . The consultant/external expert will conduct a follow-up (via surveys and interviews with participants) and prepare a report after the meetings in order to detail further steps that must be taken to have the transport services implemented.

Deliverables and Timeframe







Preparation of meetings for development of Initial concept document including the first draft of the document

Home based


2 days, Jan 2020


Delivery of 1st one-day meeting in Međmurje County

Field work

1 day, Jan 2020


Delivery of 2nd one-day meeting in Međimurje County

Field work

1 day, Feb 2020


Delivery of 3rd one-day meeting in Međimurje County

Field work

1 day, Feb 2020


Finalization of the Initial concept document, in English, 5 pages max

Home based

2 days, Feb 2020


Finalization of Feasibility Study for free transport services (in English) detailing and elaborating the transport service concepts, financials, details on the social-economic impact, and recommendations on replicating the concept in other regions

Field work and Home based

10 days, Aug 2020


Delivery of  presentation meeting in Međimurje County

Field work

1 day, Sep 2020


Delivery of  presentation  meeting in Sremska Mitrovica

Field work

1 day, Oct 2020


Finalization of the report detailing further steps that must be taken to have the transport services implemented, in English, 5 pages max

Home based

5 days, Oct 2020

Nous offrons

Contracting and payment

The following modalities will be possible for this position:

(i) Payment as per invoice issued by the consultant's trade or the company

(ii) Payment as per service contract if the successful candidate/consultant does not own a trade or a company (in which case due taxes and contributions will be added to the total amount from the financial proposal  for the financial evaluation purposes)

Payment Conditions

This is a lump sum contract that should include costs of consultancy required to produce the above deliverables. The final schedule will be agreed upon in the beginning of consultancy.

Payment will be released in one installment upon timely submission of respective deliverables and their acceptance by the Project Team.

Votre profil


Functional Competencies

  • Good knowledge of the local economic and social context with the accent to specific issues of Roma people exclusion; 
  • Excellent training, facilitation and communication skills;
  • Ability to communicate clearly and convincingly to a broad range of audiences;
  • Participates effectively in a team-based, information-sharing environment, collaborating and cooperating with others;
  • Results driven, ability to work under pressure and to meet required deadlines;
  • Good understanding and practice of capacity development;
  • A flexible work approach will be required as the task requires travels to specific Roma settlements.

Qualifications and experience


  • A University Degree in social sciences, engineering, urbanism, business management, or related fields. Higher degree (Masters, PHD) preferred.


  • At least 3 years of relevant experience in the fields of urban transport, mobility, sustainable development or similar.
  • Experience in producing feasibility, evaluation or policy recommendation reports (examples of previous reports may be required as part of the selection procedure).
  • Experience in resource mobilization.

Language Requirements: Excellent drafting/writing abilities and skills in both Croatian and English language.

Evaluation Criteria

The consultant will be evaluated against a combination of technical and financial criteria.

Maximum score is 100.

Out of the maximum score, the score for technical criteria equals 70% - maximum 70 points, and for financial criteria 30% - maximum 30 points.

The technical evaluation (70%, or max 70 points) will take into account the following as per the scoring provided:

Education: 4 pts

Good knowledge of the local economic and social context with the accent to specific issues of Roma people exclusion: 13 pts

Experience in producing feasibility, evaluation or policy recommendation reports: 25 pts

Experience in the fields of urban transport, mobility, sustainable development or similar: 20 pts

Experience in resource mobilization: 8 pts

Financial proposal – 30% of total evaluation - max 30 pts

Only the highest ranked candidates who would be found qualified for the job will be considered for the Financial Evaluation.

Submission of applications

Interested individual consultants must submit the following documents/information to demonstrate their qualifications:

  • Cover letter explaining why they are the most suitable candidate for the assignment
  • Updated CV
  • A brief methodology on how they will approach and conduct the work
  • Financial proposal: All applicants shall submit a detailed, carefully considered and justified financial statement based on a lump sum specifying (1) a daily fee for the tasks and an estimated duration as specified in this announcement and (2) any other possible costs (including travel to and from the mission, dwelling, etc.).


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